Author Lesley Hal Creates a Page ramp Scandal. Shameful Secrets, Adulterous Affairs, Murderous Truths. And You Thought Desperate Housewives had Drama!

Lesley Hal’s melodramatic letters flamboyance has been praised by liege followers, work clubs, and authors who are exigent a result to her beginning innovative. She has been dubbed the Queen of Suburban Drama. Blind Temptations takes you into the lives of suburbanites Chante Michaels, Michelle Ramsey, and Karissa Waters. Decisions, delusions and denials blended beside the spot on magnitude of rhapsody makes the impeccable direction for this page turning pretentious myth.

Chante Michaels lives in a role-play world. She has the cold job and the reliable household. That is until her husband, Alex Michaels, footfall out on her beside a Tyra Banks aspect alike, Paris, who has a midget not to be mentioned of her own that will let go of all kinds of hell on earth.

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Karissa Waters would fondness zip more than to be standard by her mother that unacknowledged her when she was lone xi. She meets the receiver to a multi-billion dollar property Andre Williamson who requests to administer her a lifetime of liking and emotional state. Except Karissa won’t hook up with him minus her mother’s blessings; a woman who makes Mommy Dearest watch saintlike.

Michelle Ramsey is in be keen on beside the old nick himself Brandon Thomas. She’s a creative person at concealing what she doesn’t privation ancestors to see suchlike the abuse she endures at Brandon’s frigid guardianship. Greg Wallace is the man she requests but won’t offer a casual because her heart belongs to with the sole purpose one man…Brandon.

Lesley is at present working on her second new-fangled "Pleasure and Pain" Seducing the Seductress. This story will be discharged below her stage name Ms. Le Diva. You can get a look into Bianca's world by language the short tale Stormy Weather which was obvious in Noire urban smut bestselling essayist of G-Spot online press in October 2006. Lesley is besides anyone featured in Zane’s Chocolate Flava2 collection forthcoming out in August 2007 where on earth her momentaneous yarn Riding the Friendly Skies was enclosed as one of the crème de la crème.

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