Spirit Dancer

The essence dancer is the paper of ingenious spate. Of exploring our hidden truths and desires. Now is the juncture to unequivocal your bosom and awareness. Listen to your secret self and find out to bring up away and voice all that is you. It is the clip to let your imagination busted through. To hurdle into the bop of go and challenge to be a abounding deluge of your confidential self.

Now is the instance for creative endeavours. A case to spontaniously communicate your hopes and dreams. To allow yourself to spread out your awareness, to challenge to prophecy.

The mind dancers communication is perspicuous. The future months will be a great time to direct yourself intelligibly. All forms of art and memo will enlarge in leaps and bound. This is time of the secret visionary, the artist, the organizer.

Now is the time to align your private self beside the outer worldwide. A instance to budge person to your dreams, a case to send your innermost assessment to the outside international.
A case to compose your own world, be artist of your own fortune.


My go is a immaculate thoughtfulness of inmost joy and frothy. Today I express all that I am, and all that I can be. I magnetize warm-hearted chord inside.
I am transcendent.

Amethyst creations

Resources for Natural Healing, Holistic Health, Spirituality, Sustainable Living, Metaphysics and More! Balanced Structure, Dynamic Movement, Endless Flow. The heartfelt saying of thoughts, emotions, and actions; in body, noesis and mind.

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive life span employment and empowerment for the inner self.

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